The answers to the most asked questions about jogging-related injuries and pains.


What if I need to take a break from running?

“I was sick, so I haven’t run for five days. I feel like I’m behind in my 5K training schedule. What should I do? Should I resume running that I missed? ”


How to eliminate and avoid a cramp?

“I often have a cramp on my left side after five minutes of running. How do I get rid of these cramps, or better yet, avoid these cramps in the first place?”


Is it normal to feel pain when running?

“When I first started running my hamstrings felt really tight and sore. Is this normal, and can I run through this type of pain?”


Should I use ice or heat for my injuries?

“After a recent run, my shins started to hurt. A jogging amide told me to put on ice, but someone else told me to put heat on them. better relief? ”


How to avoid headaches after running?

“Lately I have had migraines after my runs. What is the cause of this problem and how can I avoid these headaches?”


When can I run with pain?

“It is very common for runners to experience certain aches and pains, especially if you are training for a long distance event. So when can you run through the pain and when should you stop?”


Can I run with a cold?

“I have a cold and I don’t want to take a break from my routine. Can I go for a run with a cold?”


How to deal with muscle pain after a race?

This delayed onset muscle pain will go away on its own after a few days, but here are some tips for dealing with it during this time.


How to avoid and treat muscle cramps?

“I am training for the marathon and towards the end of my long runs my leg muscles start to cramp upwards. How can I prevent muscle cramps?”


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