Are you a beginner runner? Whether you are running for your health, fitness, weight loss, competition or fun, we have a lot of information available to help beginners start running. Find out the good things about running and how to do it right, also discover beginner’s workouts and answers to frequently asked questions.

Beginner training programs

How to run

Benefits of running

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Beginner’s FAQ

The beginner’s guide to jogging

Starting a jogging habit can be overwhelming for a new runner. Here are some running basics to get you started

What all beginner runners should know

Do you remember your first pair of running shoes when they gave you blisters because they weren’t for you? Or your first scratch between your legs, because your cotton pants were soaked in sweat?

Should I increase my distance or speed?

Many beginner runners come to the next questioning one day or another: “I just started a beginner training plan. I feel like I am going very slowly, so I want to increase my speed, but I can’t run long enough.

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New for Jogging-Course: a newsletter

When I started creating the Jogging-Course site in 2011, I never believed that it could have become so popular and well positioned on Google. Having such a large number of daily visitors to this site, I see that it brings some value to people when it comes to their health lifestyle choices.

Should I be doing weight training before or after my run?

Many runners don’t like to dedicate a workout to strength training, or find it boring to lift weights without jogging. Don’t worry, it’s okay to be one of those people and want to do both.

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