Several runners participate in races, from 5km to marathons. Get training schedules, tips on how to run at your best, and stay motivated to train.

Training - Running 1

Discover tips and tricks for your running workouts and run your best.

icon of a flexing woman doing a yoga pose

Stretches are the secret to stay flexible, but especially to avoid running injuries and pain.

icon of 21.1 km half marathon

Are you ready and motivated to run a half marathon? Here are some tips to help you succeed in running a 21.1 km race.

icon of a 42.2 km race - Marathon

Congratulations, you have decided to run a marathon. It’s one of the races that needs the greatest preparation to succeed. Here are tips and tricks to successfully complete your 42.2 km race.

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Having inspiration to run can be a big challenge for runners of all levels. Find out how you can become and stay motivated to run.