Here is what Jogging-Course has to offer, absolutely free training plans to help you persevere in a sport that is relatively simple, but can be so difficult for a new runner. Have fun and adjust these programs according to your current level.

Jogging-Running training advice

Training tips

Find tips and advice for your running training so you can run at your best.

Stretching for runners Jogging-Running

Stretches for Runners

Stretching is the secret for runners to stay flexible, but more importantly to avoid injury and pain.

Jogging-running half-marathon training

Half marathon programs

Are you ready and motivated to run a half marathon? Here are some tips to help you succeed in a 21.1k race.

Jogging-Running Marathon Training

Marathon training

Well done, you have decided to run a marathon, one of the races that needs the greatest preparation in order to succeed in this very exciting challenge. Here are tips and advice on how to successfully complete your 42.2 km run.

Stay Motivated to Run Jogging-Running

Stay Motivated to Run

Getting inspiration to run can be a big challenge for runners of all skill levels. Find out how you can get and stay motivated to run.

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