Whether you are starting to run for better health, weight loss, competition, or for fun, you are going to need to learn the basics of running.

You can start with these resources, which include tips for starting to run, how to run, weight loss, and most importantly, injury prevention tips.

Start running

Learn the basics to start running and stay motivated to persevere

How to run

Learn what you need to know to start running. Including good manners, techniques, breathing and how to stay motivated.

How to walk / run

Many beginners start running with running / walking methods. Here are some tips and training programs for running / walking

Running for weight loss

Many new runners start jogging in order to lose weight. Here are tips and advice for maximizing weight loss through healthy diet and exercise.

Nutrition and hydration

A runner’s diet is not only important for maintaining good health. It is also used to optimize performance at the top. Whether you are training for weight loss, for a run, or for fitness, you need to have advice about what you eat and drink.

Beginner race

After you have gained some experience with racing, you will probably want to do your first road race. Get a training schedule for road races. From 5 km to marathon, with tips for running.

Outdoor Race

Find tips and tricks for running outdoors. Plus, how to adapt to all weather conditions

Treadmill running

Get tips and motivations for running on a treadmill.

Injuries and pain

Beginner runners are often worried about old injuries or creating new ones. Find out how to prevent and treat stroke injuries and ailments.

Running shoes - jogging

Choosing the right pair of running shoes is one of the most important decisions a runner has to make. Get tips and recommendations on finding the perfect running shoe for your feet and running style.

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