Many people start and hang on to running for social reasons. Here is information about group training, including running clubs, charity programs, jogging camps and coaches.

► The Foam Fest 5 km event

Running with a friend can help your motivation, especially if that person is your girlfriend or partner, it gives you a chance to spend time together, to share a moment to take care of your health and your relationship. Taking on this project together can be difficult for some couples, so here are some tips to make it a pleasant experience .

Tips for running as a couple

The Foam Fest 5 km race is coming to Canada, with 3 destinations in Quebec for the month of September. This foam and mud race is a friendly and fun 5km challenge on an inflatable adult play course. The Foam Fest event 5 km.

► Avengers Race team obstacle course

Since the increase in popularity of functional training, crossfit, several organizers have created different obstacle courses all over the world. For North America, we can think of the Spartan Race, Prison Break, Tough Murder and others. Avengers Race

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► Winter challenge for Leucan fundraising

When winter arrives, many athletes take the opportunity to rest, go on a trip, or limit their physical activities because of the cold weather. In addition, some cold weather enthusiasts like to do outdoor activities, such as downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, trail jogging, snowshoeing or skating. Fund raising

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