Find out how to dress like a runner no matter the season of the year. Get advice on how to find the perfect running shoes, clothing and accessories for you, along with recommendations and tips on where to shop.

CEP 2.0 compression stockings test

Seeing some runners doing their fashion show in colorful compression stockings, fluorescent clothes and their trendy flash shoes, I thought to myself, well another stupid invention to look good and show that we are real runners! I still wondered about these famous compression stockings.

Altra Instinct 1.5 shoe test

To my surprise, the more I run with my new shoes, the more often I want to run for a long time with them! This shoe is literally the most comfortable I have worn, even without the support of my normal shoes!

How to take care of your jogging clothes

If you run regularly, it’s a good idea to invest in technical jogging clothing. Follow these tips to make your running clothes last longer.

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Signs that you need new shoes

How do we let people know that we have to change our old shoes? Mileage is a good indicator that we are owed for new jogging shoes though, unless you are entering your distance in a training log.

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