Here is what Jogging-Course has to offer, absolutely free training plans to help you persevere in a sport that is relatively simple, but can be so difficult for a new runner. Have fun and adjust these programs according to your current level.

5 km programs - Jogging-Running

5 km programs

Whether you are a beginner runner or an experienced runner, here are 5 km training programs for all levels.

10 km Jogging-Running programs

10 km programs

Here are some 10 km training programs for beginners to experienced runners.

Half-marathon program 21.1km Jogging-running

Half marathon programs

Here are free training programs for people who want to run a 21.1 km race.

Jogging-Running half marathon program

Marathon programs

Congratulations on your decision to run a marathon! Here are some jogging programs that will help you reach your goals.

Jogging-Running program for beginners

Beginner Programs

Start running with beginner programs. In order to help you get used to using a time schedule that is only yours.

Walking / running programs Jogging-Running

Walk / Run Programs

Do you prefer to run / walk your runs? Try these workout programs and tips

Jogging-Running fast workouts

Fast workouts

Quick workouts can allow runners to increase their strength and speed.

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