For those who have several questions about running, we invite you to choose a subject from the list of articles in order to better guide you in your research.

jogging-running running shoe

The Essentials in Training

Running is much more than putting on a pair of shoes and hitting the road. Get information on training essentials. So the ideal stretching, power training, cross training, and running techniques.

Running Shoes / Clothing and Accessories Jogging-Running

Shoes, Clothing & Accessories

Find out how to dress like a runner no matter the season of the year. Also get advice on how to find running shoes. Thus, help with the clothes and accessories ideal for you, with recommendations and advice on where to shop.

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Jogging and Weight Loss

Running isn’t just great exercise, it’s an effective way to burn calories and lose weight. Discover nutritional tips and advice, healthy recipes, and all the information you need to reach your target weight.

Jogging-Running training plan

Training plan

Running is a fun and motivating way to keep running. Receive free training programs for your next races. In addition, tips on how to run faster and more efficiently. In order to accomplish your racing goals.

Half Marathon & Jogging-Running Marathon

Half Marathon & Marathon

Whether you are a veteran marathoner or thinking about running your first half marathon or marathon. Here is all the information you need to complete your 21.1 or 42.2km run. Get your workout schedule for a half marathon or a marathon. So race reviews, and tips for your long races.

jogging-running injuries and pain

Injury and Pain

Running is great exercise, but it can put a lot of stress on the body. Find out how to prevent and treat running injuries and pains, while discovering how jogging can keep you healthy.

Jogging-Running training advice

Outdoor Race

Find tips and tricks for running outdoors. Plus, how to adapt to all weather conditions

jogging-running hydration nutrition

Nutrition and hydration

A runner’s diet is not only important for maintaining good health, but also for promoting peak performance. Whether you’re training for weight loss, running a marathon, or running for fitness, you’ll need advice on what and when to eat and drink before, during, and after your runs.

Stay Motivated to Run Jogging-Running

Mind and Motivation

Running can undoubtedly test your mental strength as much as it demands on your physical strength. Here are tips on how to stay motivated to run and strategies to mentally prepare yourself for your runs and training.

Group training

Group training

Many people start and hang on to running for social reasons. Here is some information about group training. Including running clubs, charity programs, jogging camps and coaches.

Conveyor belt

When the weather conditions are unsafe or unfavorable for running outdoors, treadmills are a good alternative.

Where to Run Jogging-Running

Where to run

Running is a great way to get outside. So, an opportunity to discover new regions. Find out tips on how to track your routes and race recommendations for running in Canada and around the world.

Jogging-Running Weather Safety

Security & Weather

Find tips and information on how to stay safe while shopping. Plus get tips for running alone, at night, and in hot and cold weather conditions.

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