Question: How fast should I run?

Reply : Many runners, especially beginners, are very curious at what pace they should run. Most daily races should be run at a fairly “easy” pace.

What’s the best way to establish what “easy” means?

The best and easiest way to determine this is to run slowly enough that you can speak full sentences while running. If you are running with someone, that means you might be having a discussion with your partner, not just “yes” and “no”. If you are running alone you should be able to sing “Happy Birthday” without running out of air. For some new runners, a conventional pace can be found with walk / run combinations.

Running at a conventional pace (also called a normal pace) has several benefits.

  • Helps create a more efficient running style.
  • Help muscles learn how to burn fat more efficiently.
  • Receive and process oxygen better and manage lactic acid better.
  • Trains your heart and lungs to become more efficient at absorbing, delivering, and using oxygen better.

As a beginner, most of your runs should be at a normal pace. Don’t worry about your minute / km pace, if you pass the “speaking test” you are at the right speed.

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