One of the things I love most about summer vacation, other than being on vacation, is that I have more time to go for a run. Sometimes on vacation, we often tell ourselves that we will have time, but we always have a long list of things to do, so running often comes last … But if

You want to run during your vacation, here are some practical tips:


☑️ Do your research before you go.

Look at sites like MapMyRun or other site to find race routes to your destination. If you already have routes planned, you won’t feel too worried about running to your destination once you arrive.


☑️ Ask staff for their recommendations.

You are not the first runner to stay at your hotel, so staff may have a map with recommended running routes.


☑️ Run in the morning.

Running in the morning means you won’t have any interference with sightseeing, relaxation, or activities. And if you’re traveling somewhere with a hot climate, you’re probably going to want to avoid running in the heat of the day.


☑️ Visit a local running store.

Specialty jogging stores are a good resource for runners heading out of town. Stop and ask where you can go for a run. They may even be able to offer you a small group that you could join.


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