If you are training for a 10 kilometer run, try one of these training plans to help you measure up. These plans are designed for all different levels.

10 km beginner runner

You will find on this page a training program in eight weeks to get to the finish line. This assumes that you can already run 4 km.

10 km advanced beginner runner

This program is for people who have run a 10K run before, or have been running for a while and are ready for a 10K run.

10 km intermediate runner

On this page, you will find an Eight Week 10K Training Plan to help you run your fastest 10K.

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10 km advanced runner

This easy-to-follow, 10k, eight-week program is for advanced runners. This training program is especially useful for experienced runners who hope to run a personal best 10 km.

10km walk / run

This 10K in 10 Week program is designed for novice walkers / runners who wish to walk / run 10K. Even if you are not training for a specific run, this program will help you walk / run for more than 60 minutes.

Advice for your first race

If you are relatively new to racing, here are some tips for managing your first race.

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