Quick workouts can allow runners to add to their running program a workout that increases their strength and speed.

Effort / Pace session 30 minutes

For a large portion of competitive runners, the 30 minute effort / pace workout is one of the most critical in their fitness plan.

Pyramid interval session

The concept is that you are going to move up and down a “pyramid” by starting a hard interval for one minute, going up to a five minute segment, and then working your way down to one minute.

Fartlek session on treadmill

This treadmill workout is a fartlek workout that will not only improve your speed but also help prevent boredom on the treadmill.

Interval workout on a treadmill

Doing speed workouts, like this interval workout, twice a week will help you become a stronger, faster runner.

Pyramid session on track

This workout is similar to the pyramid treadmill program, but it is easier to do on a 400m indoor or outdoor track. The concept is that you are going to go up and down a “pyramid”.

Hill workout on treadmill

If you you bored of treadmill running and you want to improve your strength and speed, you can try using the incline feature of your treadmill and do some hill workouts.

Marathon repeat-mile training

If you’ve run a marathon before and are hoping to improve your time, the mile repeater is one of the best speed workouts you can do to run a marathon faster.

Yasso 800 session

The Yasso 800s are a popular workout among runners trying to achieve a specific marathon goal. The name “Yasso” comes from Bart Yasso, the Chief Race Officer of Runner’s World magazine.

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How to run sprints

When sprinting, you should focus on speeding your legs, relaxing your shoulders, and maintaining good posture. Cool down between each interval and make sure you’re not out of breath when you start your next interval.

Hill rehearsal session

Hill repetition is a great way for runners to build strength, improve their speed, and build mental strength and confidence in hill running.

Fast ladder training

Here is a track workout that will help build your speed, confidence, and endurance no matter what distance you run for.

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