A runner’s diet is not only important for maintaining good health, but also for promoting peak performance. Whether you’re training for weight loss, running a marathon, or running for fitness, you’ll need advice on what and when to eat and drink before, during, and after your runs.

Hydration for runners

Runner nutrition

► Should I run with a hangover?

1 Jan 2012. If you plan on celebrating New Years with a few drinks tonight, you can skip your run or workout tomorrow. Why ? Well, drinking alcohol doesn’t mix with running, because alcohol has a dehydrating effect.

► How to avoid bottomless eating

August 1, 2011. To help yourself experience the weight loss benefits of running, it’s important to think twice before you eat. Here are some ways to avoid bottomless eating and increase your weight loss from running.

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► Should I eat before running?

May 10, 2011. If you try to lose weight while running, you might be trying to cut calories in your diet. And it’s probably tempting to skip meals… like lunch, before your runs, in order to create a bigger calorie deficit.

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