Now that the year is drawing to a close, I have started to think more about my goals and the races I would like to do next year. Setting running goals is a great way to stay motivated to run , and the start of a new year is a great time to think about what you want to accomplish.


Here are some tips for setting achievable goals:


→ Choose realistic goals.

Don’t set yourself up for failure. Your chances of achieving your goals are much better if they are realistic. Sure, it’s always fun and inspiring to dream, but try to balance your ultimate goal into more manageable, realistic goals that might lead you to your dream. For example, you are not going to run below 25 min a 5 km if your personal best is currently 35 min, but you can start taking action towards that.


→ Don’t take too much.

If you have too many goals, you will burn yourself out and not accomplish any of them, leaving you feeling disappointed and defeated. Instead, focus on a few key goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them.


→ Small achievable goals.

If you have a lofty goal, such as running your first marathon, make sure you have smaller, achievable goals with measurable results along the way. They will help you monitor your progress and prevent boredom or discouragement. If your goal is to complete a half marathon, first try running a 10K or aiming for a personal best in the 5K. An added benefit of setting smaller achievable goals is that even if you don’t meet your ultimate goal, you will still have achieved other accomplishments along the way.


→ Choose fun goals, too.

Not all of your running goals have to be performance related. Find creative goals, like running at a party, running a charity run, or reading a book about running. Failure to complete related goals can keep you from being totally discouraged if you get off your track of other goals.

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