If you don’t think you were born to run you’re not only denying history. You’re denying who you are.

nee pour courir, famille avec jeunes enfants qui court

Welcome to the Jogging Course website.

You will find on this website a comprehensive guide covering all areas of running / walking as well as the possibility of getting training programs absolutely free of charge.

The purpose of this site is to offer all the necessary information to novice runners

In order to surpass yourself and achieve your dreams of weight loss, fitness, increased longevity or running a marathon, you can find everything you need, otherwise let us know. So that we can share your information with all other runners.

The beginner's guide

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Whether you’re running for better health, weight loss, competition, or fun, you’ll have to learn the basics of running. You can start with these resources, it includes tips to start, how to run, weight loss, and most importantly, tips to prevent injury.

Several runners participate in races, from 5km to marathons. Here you’ll find race tips for your workout programs, tips on how to run to be at your best and stay motivated to train.

Here’s what Jogging-Course offers you : Multiple free workout plans to help you persevere in a relatively simple sport, but that can be so difficult for a new runner. Have fun and adjust these programs according to your current level.