No matter where you run, how far you run, or how far you perform, safety is paramount to your personal, social and physical training. Here are some tips and advice on how to stay safe:

Safety tips for running outdoors

Using your common sense and taking certain precautions while you run can help you avoid injuring yourself or becoming a victim. You can follow these safety tips, how to run outdoors

Tips for running in the evening or in the morning

With busy schedules and limited daylight hours, some runners find no time to run other than the early morning or evening darkness.

What is the best running surface

Some runners mistakenly assume that running on a softer surface like grass, sand or dust is easier on your body than concrete or asphalt and will therefore prevent injuries from overtraining.

Which side of the street should I run on?

Running so that you can see the cars coming at you is much safer than having the cars behind your back. In some areas, it’s not even a matter of choice.

Tips for running alone

When running on your own, it’s important to take safety precautions and have plenty of strategies to beat boredom as needed. Here are some tips for running alone:

Treadmill vs outdoor running

Running on a treadmill can feel easier physically because the ground is pulled below your feet and there is no resistance to the wind. Running outdoors demands more of your body because you have to propel your body forward stride by stride.

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How to prevent running injuries

The most common running injuries are due to overuse, overtraining, unsuitable footwear, or a defect in the biomechanical structure of the body and movement.

How to avoid headaches?

Headaches during or after jogging are quite common, especially when running in hot weather. They can be attributed to one or more of these factors

10 common racing mistakes to avoid

All runners have made mistakes at some point during their races or practices. We are not here to judge or criticize these mistakes, but rather to avoid repeating them.

Get the medical green light to run

If you are new to jogging, going for a doctor’s check-up should be a higher priority than choosing a good pair of shoes.

How to Buy the Right Running Shoe

Choosing the right running shoe is one of the most important decisions you will make as a runner, especially if you are new to running. A small investment of time and effort in finding the best jogging shoe will help keep you comfortable and avoid injury.

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