Running in winter is not that easy, but to improve your chances, there are several factors that can help us make it more enjoyable and safer. Here are the main lines to follow:

Tips for running in the cold winter

Falling temperatures and shorter days don’t mean your racing season has to winter. Running in cold weather can help shed those winter chills, improve your energy levels, and ensure you’ll be in good shape once the swimwear arrives.

Keep your feet warm in winter

One of the hardest things about running outside in the cold is dealing with cold feet. Follow these tips to keep your feet warm during your run in cold weather.

How to dress for running in winter

With the new technology in winter running clothing, we are a long way from the days when runners trudged out in the winter with loads of heavy and uncomfortable clothing.

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Make running in winter more comfortable

If you’re like me and love to run outside in the winter, but hate suffering through that painful first mile, try these few tips to make it a little easier.

Tips for running on snow and ice

Cold weather running rules and habits apply, but you should also take extra steps to keep your feet warm and prevent slips and falls.

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