A hectic vacation calendar can really kill your motivation to follow your running habit. But exercise can help keep stress at bay and prevent weight gain.

Here are some ways you can make sure you keep operating during the holidays.


🎄 Set yourself some realistic goals.

Do not try to lose weight or make significant fitness improvements while on vacation. Aim to maintain your weight and fitness, so you’ll be less likely to give up completely if you miss a run or two.

🎄 Add some holiday cheer to your jogs.

Infusing a holiday spirit into your training will give you a boost of motivation. Wear a Santa hat or reindeer ears during your run. Go for an evening run (but make sure you can be seen in the dark, of course) to check out the neighborhood holiday lights. Add holiday songs to your running playlist.

🎄 Workout from home.

Create a home workout routine when you don’t have the time to go to the gym. Lunges, squats, raised heels, and push-ups, and many strengthening exercises can be done without any gym equipment. You can alternate between going up and down the stairs (or walking in place) for a minute or doing a strengthening exercise for a minute.

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